轉貼 Various updates - Marathon 2009 and Cheung Chung Pan

1. Marathon 2009
Our Marathon Team has got 146 members now. The final clinic on 11 Jan was attended by over 80 members. Pictures of the session had been uploaded at http://www.wahyanonefamily.org/photo20090111.html. Moreover, Oriental Daily News has launched a full page report on our Dream Campaign and the Marathon today. (...... which will be uploaded together with other clippings this eve).

With regard to fundraising, we have received approx HK$700,000 thus far. Now if we want to build running a ritual in Wah Yan, we need to support these 140 pioneers to lead and sustain the drive. We are $1.3 million adrift of our $2 million goal now. And we are only 2 weeks away from our Race on 8 Feb 2009.

Therefore, may I appeal to you again to make a gift to support these lovely Wahyanites please? If we could get $30,000 (certainly the more the merrier) each from 40 supportive alumni/friends of Wah Yan like you and your classes, we will make it for the Team. You will keep these forerunners and our Dream going.

2. Cheung Chung Pan
Our alumni Chung Pan is recovering and his mother Mrs Cheung has sent us the 6th letter on his status. Please click: http://www.wahyanonefamily.org/doc/cheungChungPanNoteOfThanks140109.pdf for details. Mrs Cheung sent us another message yesterday as attached.

Please render your support to our 146-member Marathon Team by making a gift or referrals. The cohort will do their best on 8 February 2009. May we wish you and your family a peaceful and pleasant Year of the Ox! Many thanks.

Best wishes,






請大家放心.過去我以為划船打鼓都一雙手的,現在,划船有周神父,蘇校長,朱 sir,打鼓有整個華仁同仁..第一次手術成功切除掉38.5公斤,是神的力量及大家的幫忙和支持.這次,我們會更加勇敢地面對一切.希望繼續得到你們的幫忙與支持,手術成功後再向大家匯報.祝福各位:





轉貼 Father Deignan sharing his experience in education in DVD

The Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd) and Cable TV have worked together to co-produce a two-part series "Education Plus". The programme covers the heritage and development of teacher education, and examines how Universities of education can promote learning excellence. HKIEd is producing a free DVD of the programme for distribution. Please circulate this info to invite your fellow classmates to register for a free copy.

For viewing:


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轉貼 update of the Foundation and Wah Yan Community

1. Marathon 2009
The team will meet again this Sunday (11 January 2009) at Wah Yan College Hong Kong at 800-1030am for the final training clinic, schedule as below:
0800-0805 roll call and team tee pick up
0805-0850 Adidas talk and shoe test
0850-0853 note of thanks by Fr Chow
0853-0900 brief on arrangement for 8 Feb: gathering point, personal belonging, group photo time...etc
0900-0905 group photo with banner and tee
0905-1030 practice
Please join this session as you will meet a large cohort of highly spirited students, parents, alumni and friends. All runners please attend as we will distribute our team tee and take a big team picture together. Adidas will deliver a talk on running shoes and offer an interesting shoe-fitting game for us. Hence please register for the session on 11 Jan by sending me an email at onefamily@wahyanonefamily.org on or before 9 Jan 2009. We want to ensure that Adidas stock up materials and a small gift for you.
In the previous email we said we hope to achieve a goal of $2 million through this campaign. We have received approx HK$600,000 thus far. Please invite your fellow classmates to make further contributions through the attached form or this link: http://www.wahyanonefamily.org/doc/marathon09_donation.pdf. Your support will mean everything to the team who had been working hard since October.

2. Cheung Chung Pan
Our alumni Chung Pan is recovering and his mother Mrs Cheung has sent us a letter on his status. Please click: http://www.wahyanonefamily.org/doc/cheungChungPanNoteOfThanks241208.pdf for details. Let's pray for a speedy recovery for Chung Pan. ……

3. Education Plus
Cable TV has interviewed Fr Deignan on his vision and life of education. Please click on this link to watch the video: http://www.wahyan-psa.org/jesuits/Fr.Deignan.wmv. We would like to thank Cable TV and HKIEd for allowing us to feature the programme. Special thanks goes to Mr. Nick Tsui for editing the video for us.

4. 有誰共鳴
Mr Norman So, Mr Charles Chau (our WYKPSA Chairman) and alumni Mr Alan Leong will talk about Jesuit Education and life in Wah Yan on CR1.
Air time:
WYKPSA will upload the sound clip after clearing the right with CR1. We would like to thank Charles and the WYKPSA for their update.

Please feel free to take part in the activities above, especially the upcoming Marathon clinic on 11 Jan. Make pledges or donations to support the team please, as you will make a big difference for our young Wahyanites. ……

Best wishes,