轉載 WYKPSA: Tour to Double Heaven Geo-area

WYKPSA is going to organize a tour to Double Heaven Geo-area (香港地質公園——印洲塘景區) in January 2013 and Keung Sir will be our tour guide:

Date: 20 January 2013 (Sunday)

Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Gathering point: Exit B, University station (港鐵大學站 B出口)

Fee: HK$180 for adults/ HK$60 for students (lunch and transportation included)

Guide: Mr. Keung Yiu Ming (WYK 75, Geography Panel Chairman of WYK)

ALL ARE⋯⋯ WELCOME!  You may also bring your family members and friends.

For those who are interested, please send an email to wahyanpsa@gmail.com for registration.


轉載 WYKPSA Circular

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Charles C. Chan (陳志忠) will be in HK in about 10 days' time and would love to meet with old classmates. WYK alumni are invited to join a dinner gathering with him. Please contact Vincent CHENG or Gordon LAM if you are interested to join.
Date:18 December 2012 (Tuesday)
Venue: 好彩酒樓 530 Nathan Road 現时点商场三樓 In's Point
Cost:About $250 (Two tables expected)


轉載 WYKPSA: Lunch in Central on weekdays

Dear Alumni,

Undoubtedly, a lot of Wahyanites are now working in Central or nearby area in all kinds of professions and industries.  WYKPSA would like to gather a group of alumni who are working in Central or nearby area so that we can have lunch on weekdays at regular intervals.

If you are interested, please register by sending an email to wahyanpsa@gmail.com.  Wahyanites who are now university students are also welcome!  Surely, registration does not mean that you have to commit to attend the lunch gatherings every time and this will be subject to your own availability at that time.  Nevertheless, registration enables you to be kept informed of the forthcoming lunch gatherings.

We look forward for your support!

Kind regards,
Wah Yan College Kowloon Past Students' Association


轉載 WYKPSA: Message from the Jesuit Education Board regarding EDB's decision

Dear Alumni,

We attach hereto a copy of the letter from the Education Bureau of the HKSAR Government to the school principals and set out below a message from the Jesuit Education Board to the School Management Committee of WYK for your reference:

"The Jesuit Education Board (JEB) representing the School Sponsoring Body is of the opinion that Wah Yan College, Kowloon will accept the EDB's decision for the schools in the Yau Tsim Mong (YTM) District. We are not going to apply for exemption basically because we do not have strong reason that can justify our application. Wah Yan College, Hong Kong, however, is qualified for exemption since it has a feeder school. Even if we are to be allocated 2-1-1, we are only 5 students less than the 1-1-1 option in the first year and throughout the next three years. We also notice that the change is only temporary as we like other schools need to increase the class size back to its original level when the S1 population rises."

Kind regards,
Wah Yan College Kowloon Past Students’ Association


Visiting Fr. Naylor's secret garden

轉載: 14th Wah Yan League Cup Football Tournament

Deadline of enrolement is 3.12.2012.  Please click this link for details.


轉載: 華仁一家長跑知識培訓課程一


華仁一家基金會自2008年起派出由華仁仔,教職員,神父及華仁之友組成的隊伍,參加歷年香港馬拉松比賽,為母校籌得超過450萬,支持兩所華仁書院體育及全人發展。今年,基金會再次組成達330跑手的隊伍,參加在 13年2月24日舉行的香港馬拉松比賽。為協助各隊員為比賽適當練習,基金會特意請來專業體育品牌adidas、香港頂尖跑手及熱心校友開辦課程,提供既專業又富趣味的長跑運動培訓,作最佳準備迎戰。


2時15分 參加者到場及點名
2時35分 博愛醫院候任行政總監高拔陞校友(WYK83)分享運動心得
2時55分 香港業餘田徑總會教練李嘉綸先生講解長跑運動技巧
3時15分 李嘉綸先生帶領特訓練習

詳情: www.wahyanonefamily.org/marathon-2013.html. 如有查詢,請電9092 9433 聯絡。謝謝支持。



轉載 WYKPSA: Let's 飲茶 with our retired teachers!

Please click the link for details.


Appeal to support Fr Deignan in WYOFF's 2012 Fundraising Concert

Fr Deignan is going to perform a song “I'll Like to Teach the World to Sing” in the upcoming Concert on 22nd December 2012, in which Alan Tam will be the anchor performer. Fr Deignan hopes that this event could reunite Wahyanites of different times to move forward together for the good of Wah Yan. Please read the appeal letter written by WYOFF to the class WYK'76 for details of the fundraising initiative and see if you can assist.

轉載 WYKPSA: The Big Hammer of Caritas Bazaar (Kowloon) 2012

Please read the attached for an update on the WYK Big Hammer for the Caritas Bazaar and the idea from the young Wahyanites.


轉載 WYOFF: WYK Alumni Manager 2012 Elected

Mr. Sam Yu (1983) has been automatically elected as the alumni manager with the term commencing from 1 November 2012.

轉載 WYKPSA: 遊中英街禁區

Please click to see the details of the captioned tour, which is to be held on 3 November 2012 (Saturday).

轉載 WYKPSA: Looking for Wahyanites graduated from WYK in UK

The overseas chapter of the Wah Yan Past Students' Association is now looking for alumni graduated from Wah Yan College Kowloon who are now in UK.

For those alumni who are now studying/ working/ living in UK and are interested to join the UK Chapter of Wah Yan Past Students' Association, please contact James Wong at jwong@mail.lanline.com or jwong@cyburban.com

Kind regards,
Wah Yan College Kowloon
Past Students' Association


轉載 WYKPSA: The School is looking for SIGNUM

If you can help to replenish copy or scanned version of the SIGNUM, please contact Stanislaus Keung Yiu Ming (graduate 75 and is a vice principal of WYK).  Please click the link for details.


轉載 WYKPSA Membership Drive

You can now join WYKPSA as a lifetime member FREE OF CHARGE!  The membership drive lasts until 31 December 2012.  Please click the link for details.


轉載 National Education in WYK

Please click the link for the Principal's statement.



轉載 Alan Tam WYOFF 2012 Fundraising Concert

Please click to see the details of the Fundraising Concert, which is to be held on 22 December 2012 (Saturday).

轉載 WYOFF 2013 Marathon

Please click to see the details and note that the Marathon will be held on Sunday, 24th February 2013.


轉載 WYKPSA: Survey of stakeholders' opinions on the selection of the new principal

Please click to see the details and note that all questionnaires should be returned within the last week of September 2012.

轉載 WYKPSA: Funding for the Fathers' Quarters - update

The donations to the Fathers' Quarters have reached nearly HK$180,000. The School would like to express their gratitude to the alumni again.

Wah Yan College Kowloon
Past Students' Association


轉載 Sam's Message - 2012

Message from School Manager representing alumni at the School Management Committee of WYK

轉載 WYKPSA: Airsoft Shooting Funday by Tactical Shooting Group

The Tactical Shooting Group ("TSG") is a newly-established interest group of WYKPSA.

The first function of TSG is an airsoft shooting funday, details of which are as follows:

Date: 15 September 2012 (Sat)
Time: 2:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Venue: HKSHOOTERS, 10D, Wing Chai Industrial Building, 27-29 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong
Fee: HK$200@ / HK$100@ for university students
Dress Code: Casual
Payment arrangements will be separately notified to participants in due course.

Funday Course Outline:
IPSC (ActionAir)
IPSC 之規則
射擊訓練: 數個IPSC cof, man to man (shoot off)
裝備: 所有裝備均由本會提供,不另收費

Vacancies are limited to 30 only and will be given on first-come-first-serve basis. Your family members are also welcome, provided that priority will be given to alumni of WYK.

You are invited to have a look of the promotional video of HKSHOOTERS at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DubKON032Y

The participants will also be entitled to a 20% discount on joining the subsequent Airsoft Practical Shooting Beginner Course at the price of HK$400 (original price HK$500).

If you are interested to join the Funday, please register as soon as possible by sending an email to wahyanpsa@gmail.com

For any enquiries, please contact the convenors of TSG, Ivan Pong at 9737 8839 or Miro Ng at 9781 1721.

Vacancies are limited and are starting to be filled up quickly! Register now! We look forward to seeing you on 15 September 2012!

Tactical Shooting Group


轉載 WYKPSA: Funding for the Fathers' Quarters

Within two weeks after the appeal of donations was launched, more than HK$130,000 has been received and the school is glad to announce that the task of repairing the windows of the Fathers' Quarters has been accomplished.

Father George Zee, S.J. wishes to express, on behalf of the Jesuit Fathers, his gratitude to those alumni who have helped so much. Receipts from the Society will be issued to the donors in due course. The fund in excess will be reserved for other repairs in the Fathers' Quarters.

Wah Yan College Kowloon
Past Students' Association

轉載 WYKPSA: Wine Tasting Workshop

Please click to see the details if you are interested in the subject event to be held on 8 September 2012.



Richard LAU (LAU Chi-leung 劉志良) is visiting HK right now. WYK alumni are invited to join a dinner gathering with him. Please contact Ed LOR or Gordon LAM if you are going to join.
Date:21 August 2012 (Tuesday)
Time:7:30 pm
Venue: Fung Shing Restaurant 鳳城酒家 on Argyle St., next to the ex-KCRC railway (Booking is under Mr. LAM)


轉載 WYKPSA: Please help our school to repair the windows of Fathers' Quarters

The windows of the Fathers' Quarters located at 3/F of the Main Building of WYK are 60 years old, most of which are now rusting.

Recently, three window glasses fell down onto the carpark. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

The school is not authorized to use any government funding to repair such windows since the Fathers' Quarters are not treated as part of the school premises.

The Fathers' Community will be held liable if any injuries or damages are caused. In light of the aforesaid, the school urgently need to replace 20 sets of windows at the Fathers' Quarters at the total cost of HK$90,000.

As initiated by Mr. Stanislaus Keung, all alumni are encouraged to show their support towards the repair works by making donations at any amount. If you are pleased to donate for the repair works, please send a crossed cheque payable to “Bellarmine A/C” to:
WYK Past Students' Association
c/o Wah Yan College Kowloon
56 Waterloo Road

The above bank account is the account of the Fathers' Community.

In the event the amount of donations exceed HK$90,000, the surplus will be used for other repairs and maintenance works of the Fathers' Quarters.

For further details, please contact Mr. Stanislaus Keung at sk@wyk.edu.hk

Kind regards,
Wah Yan College Kowloon
Past Students' Association


轉載 Message from Principal

Please click here.

轉載 Message from Fr. Chow, School Supervisor


Dear Alumni of WYK,

Good morning. I would like to confirm that the School Sponsoring Body and the School Management Committee have received a letter of resignation from Dr. John Tan as Principal of the school due to family reasons. However we are grateful that he is willing to stay on for another year until August 31, 2013 for the Sponsoring Body to identify his successor. Failing to dissuade the Principal from resigning, the Sponsoring Body, i.e., the Society of Jesus, has accepted his decision with regrets. This was followed by the School Management Committee's reluctant endorsement when we met on 12th June, 2012.

Although another academic year has yet to pass before his departure from our school, I would like to thank John for his determination to improve the quality of teaching and learning as well as character development of students as reflected in the school's major concerns. I believe it is proper to assure our school community that the Sponsoring Body remains appreciative and supportive of John's vision of and commitment to Jesuit education.

The Sponsoring Body will have to begin the recruitment process in this September or October. It is likely that we will consult our stakeholder groups for the recruitment the qualities of the next principal in light of Jesuit education. We are resolved to recruit a principal who can embrace our Jesuit vision while working with the different stakeholder groups to make it a blessed reality in the school community.

Fr. Chow
School Supervisor



Jackie PANG King-ming is in town. A dinner gathering with him has been scheduled.
Date:31 July 2012 (Tuesday)
Time:7:00 pm
Venue: Regal Palace Restaurant, 3/F Regal Hotel, Causeway Bay
(Booking is under Mr. WAN)


轉載 Visit to Cathay Pacific City

Please click to see the details if you are interested in the captioned visit, which is to be held at 10:30 a.m. on 7 July 2012 (Saturday) at Cathay Pacific City, Chep Lap Kok.


轉載 WYKPSA Circular

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轉載 Election of Alumni Manager – Voter Registration

Please click to see the details if you are interested in the captioned registration, the deadline of which is 31 August 2012.


轉載 42nd AGM of WYKPSA

Please click to see the details if you are interested in the captioned meeting, which is to be held at 6:30 p.m. on 26th May 2012 (Saturday) at the Tung Yuen Seafood Restaurant (東園金閣海鮮酒家).



SO Yiu-hon, Stanley will be in Hong Kong later for a short period. A dinner gathering with him has been scheduled.
Date:27 April 2012 (Friday)
Time:7:30 pm
Venue: Fung Shing Restaurant (Argyle Street)

轉載 Sports Day and Poolside BBQ Party in WYK

Please click to see the details if you are interested to join the captioned function to be held on 28th of April, 2012 (Sat).



Kenneth Tsui is in town. A dinner gathering with him has been scheduled.
Date:29 March 2012 (Thursday)
Time:7:00 pm
Venue: Fung Shing Restaurant, 113, Argyle Street, Mongkok
(Booking is under the name of 'Mr Lam')


轉載 WYKPSA Logo Design Competition

Please click to see the details if you are interested in the captioned (deadline: 31 March 2012 30 April 2012).




轉載 Homecoming Concert 2012

Please click here for details of the captioned WYK event to be held on Feb 25, Sat.