Memorial Plan for Michael LI @ WYK

Please read Vincent CHENG’s email below:

Dear Friends of WYK 1976,

With god's grace, a school memorial on Michael Li will be held on coming Sunday from 2:30pm to 3:30pm in the Common Room. Fr Zee will deliver an Address. Please feel free to join, and share in Michael's memories. Michael would love to have you there, except it might be a little crowded. Pls spread the words.


Below is family's message:

各位關心 Michael 的朋友 :

家人在深圳為 Michael 舉行的告別式和遺體火化已於十一月二十一日完成, 並於同日帶同其骨灰回港恭奉。承蒙各親戚、同學、朋友撥冗, 當日合共有約五十人專程到場送 Michael 最後一程,大家對 Michael 的隆情厚誼,叫家人萬分感動。

家人另外會在本星期日 (十一月二十九日) 在香港為 Michael 舉行追思會,讓親友、同學一同緬懷和 Michael 相處的時光。有關追思會詳情如下 :

日期 : 十一月二十九日 (星期日)
時間 : 2:30 pm 開始 ~ 約 3:30pm 结束
地點 : 九龍華仁書院 Common Room (近泊車場)
56 Waterloo Road, Yaumatei MTR

承蒙 Michael 母校應允使用其學校設施舉行聚會,令追思會别具意義, 家人十分感激,特此鳴謝。

由於這聚會是純粹追思性質,家人懇辭花牌、帛金, 敬希各位親友留意合作。如有任何問題,請與以下聯絡人接洽。 多謝垂注。


Harry李 ......
Vincent鄭 ......


RIP Michael LI Kai-cheung

It is with regret that Michael LI, our 3B classmate, has passed away on Tue, Nov 3 whilst on a tour to Shenzhen. The following is a brief on his sudden death.

As regards the memorial plans for Michael, please read Vincent CHENG’s email (extract) below:

Dear 1976 Friends and 3B Friends of WYK,

ML's first memorial will be held in Shenzhen this coming Saturday morning 2015-11-21. A working group from 3B, of which Daniel Chan and I are members, has chartered a coach to depart Kowloon Tong at 7:15am (To Fuk Road, Exit D) that morning and which will take us back to the same place after service. Memorial service is only one hour long from 0930-1030 hrs, and will not adopt any religious ritual. ...... His family ...... are now inviting all those attending the memorial to a lunch the same day in a nearby restaurant. The 45-seater coach that has been chartered will also include this extra lunch run. This restaurant is actually at the outskirt of Lowu and one may choose to depart from the main entourage from this point is so desire (about 10 minutes walk from SZ subway line). If one stays all the way with the coach, it is likely one can be back at Kowloon Tong by about 4:30pm via Huanggang. This coach cost is estimated to be about HK$350 pax.


...... let me just remind that a second Memorial in HK is indeed in the drawing board at this moment. ...... The best I can say is that the chance of this materializing is about 60% at this point in time, tentatively on the weekend of either 28th or 29th.

...... Take care.

Vincent Cheng


More details of the dinner with CHAN Wai-kwun, Francis on 11.12.2015 and the re-union in California in March 2016

Invitation is extended to all classes and 3 tables have been reserved for the dinner with CHAN Wai-kwun, Francis

Date:11 December 2015 (Friday)
Time:7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Venue: Regal Palace 富豪金殿, 3/F Hotel Regal Hong Kong, Causeway Bay

Email from CHAN Wai-kwun, Francis - Dinner gathering

Dear All,

I really look forward to seeing you again in December. Here is an update of the 40th anniversary reunion in California:-

1. Following a number of positive responses, the folks in the States have now confirmed that IT WILL HAPPEN.
2. The date is now set to be the weekend of March 5th and 6th, 2016.
3. The venue is at the country mansion of Albert Wu in Cupertino.
4. The trip to Palm Springs and Indian Wells has also been CONFIRMED. This 5-day trip will begin on Wednesday March 9th with all the participants flying to LA from the Bay Area. From there, we shall hire a car/van/coach and drive to Palm Spring.
5. March 9 to 11 will be dedicated to sight-seeing for all and March 12 and 13 will find those interested in tennis attending the Indian Wells event.
6. The party will finish on Monday 14th when most will be going back home/to work from LA.
7. So far, we have Ken Tsui, myself and Ronald Chu travelling from out of California/USA. We can expect more from the States and certainly from California to join us, at least, at the reunion event.

IT IS STILL NOT TOO LATE FOR YOU TO TAKE PART AND JOIN US. There is no deadline to join apart from those who want to go to India Wells. Tickets for this tennis tournament will be on sale from November 16th. Therefore, to make sure you have tickets, you need to let us know by then. Otherwise, you have up to March 3rd/4th, 2016 to decide. Of course, the earlier you can let us know, the better we can make the necessary arrangement (e.g. foods/accommodation at the reunion and hotel reservation at Palm Springs).

Please feel free to contact me directly if you want to know more or need any advice. Ah Keung and I have already booked our flights - both arriving in San Francisco on March 4th and departing LA on March 14th.

This is going to be exciting and we certainly look forward to having more of you at the reunion.

Best Regards