RIP Sammy YUNG Chi-keung

Below is the sad news from Vincent (5.4.2010 Mon 1:46pm):

Dear ALL

A beloved friend of mine, a keen footballer & lefty, an active member of the WYK-76 class, an EE graduate of U of Alberta 1982 has passed away on afternoon of 2010-04-04 after battling cancer in Edmonton. Sammy YUNG Chi-keung was survived by Nigel who is in university and wife, Nora Yiu. He was 52, and his funeral in Edmonton will be next week.


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  1. 匿名7.4.10

    Sad news indeed. I still remember attending his HS graduation in Grande Prairie, his visits to Chicago and his habit of collecting bookmarks from every city his traveled to. May he RIP.

    Joe Chan 5D