Email from CHAN Wai-kwun, Francis -
WKY 76 40th Anniversary reunion in America

Dear All,

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of our graduation, our dear friends* from the San Francisco Bay Area is planning a reunion next year. Provisional dates are set for the weekend of the 5th and 6th March, 2016. The venue is likely to be Cupertino, home of Apple and Google and is only a stone throw away from the famous Stanford University. Nearest International airports are San Francisco International and San Jose.

Invitations are extended to friends and family outside the United States.

This 2-day of informal and action-packed event promises good music (from resident guitarist, Wong Tze Ming and So Yau Hon), fabulous food and drinks, exciting games and sporting activities (on demand) and most of all excellent company and opportunities to catch up with old times. There are no shortage of tennis, badminton, golf, table tennis players, professional photographers, martial art experts, and not to mention plenty of “legs" or pundits for Mahjong and pokers.

For tennis enthusiasts, a separate trip to attend the annual Indian Well tennis tournament in Palm Spring is being planned immediately after the re-union. It is expected that approximately 3 days will be dedicated to this trip. Non-tennis fans can enjoy the opportunities to visit San Francisco, LA, the Yosemite National Park, the Napa valley and many fascinating destinations in California. Parents with kids at university age can also find chances to visit various prestigious academic establishments in the West coast. Furthermore, if you are planning a business or holiday trip next year, why not considering coinciding with this major initiative. I have no doubt the hospitality and warm sunshine awaiting you will be unforgettable.

To assist planning and to transform this idea into reality, we need to learn if you are interested in participating in this reunion activity.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you would:-

(1) like to attend the reunion on March 5th and 6th and
(2) also like to attend the Indian Wells tennis tournament or
(3) also like to go to Palm Spring but do not want to attend the tennis tournament (e.g. you can play golf or simply sightseeing).

In case you wonder why this e-mail comes from me, I am helping in co-ordinating participants outside the States. I look forward to hearing from you and perhaps fill you in with more details when we meet in Hong Kong in December.

Best Regards

Francis Chan

*local residents include:-
Albert Wu, Alexander Ng, Stanley So, Tony Wong (Tze Ming), Tony Lam (Chung Wah), Jackie Pang, Vincent Lam, Steven Chan, Joseph Cheung (Yee Gee)